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About Us

Yost Equipment Sales & Service, Inc. was incorporated in 1985, in the State of Ohio, under the direction of Rick Yost. Our Original name, Medina Replacement Parts, Inc., was changed to Yost Equipment Sales & Service, Inc. (Y.E.S.S.) in October of 2002 to reflect our vision to serve a wider geographical area and for future planned expansion of services and products.

Rick's interest in the school bus industry began in the mid to late 70's, as he spearheaded a children's church bus program in the Cleveland area. He then took a position as a bus mechanic in a local school district, acquiring additional skills and knowledge. During this time he learned a great deal about the operation and mechanics of bus maintenance and repair. With this background and experience of "turning wrenches", he saw the need for providing school districts with a parts supplier of integrity. Rick sought to build a company that was genuinely concerned with even the smallest daily problems that arise for school bus mechanics.

Rick and a team of dedicated sales representatives and warehouse employees continue to be committed to quality, excellence, prompt friendly service, honesty and integrity. Y.E.S.S. is one of the leading distributors for the school bus industry with the best prices and most courteous service available, thus ensuring the safety of our greatest asset, our school children.

In Addition to the school bus equipment, we also provide products for ambulance and fire trucks, and well as many other maintenance vehicles.

We look forward to serving you and your transportation needs.